About John E.

project5-1506Attorney, author, athlete, aspiring foodie, amateur humorist, avid sports fan.  That about sums it up.

I attended college in Virginia, law school at Villanova and have been practicing law in Philadelphia since 1999.

In addition to several law-related articles in journals and publications, I am co-author of The Jimmy Buffett Concert Handbook.  I also wrote “The City of Brotherly Suds” in The Philadelphia Lawyer quarterly magazine, an article on the craft beer scene in Philadelphia.

Previously a varsity wrestler in college, I now take my talents to snowboard in the winter, wakeboard in the summer and play rec league softball, football and basketball.  But running, specifically training for middle distances and marathons, is now the main focus.

And I especially love pizza, burgers and beer – all while trying to stay in shape through running.


2 comments on “About John E.

  1. rose says:

    thanks John for the information on the ben franklin bridge run. I think its a neat bridge and i always wanted to run over and back. Now I will….do you know of any run……5k,10k that make the bridge a part of there run?

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