Cross-training by Snowboarding/Skiing

SnowboardingVirtually all marathon/long distance race training programs incorporate some cross-training aspect to weekly workouts.  These cross-training workout provide a change of pace and help prevent running burnout and soreness from pounding the pavement, while still providing a cardio workout.  Typical recommended crosst-raining workouts include cycling, elliptical machine, swimming and so forth.

In the winter, however, it’s often difficult to go cycling or swimming, and not everyone has access to a gym.  What about activities completely appropriate for the cold weather: skiing or snowboarding?  Turns out that they can provide a pretty good workout.  Someone from 140-155 lbs can burn about 400 calories in an hour while skiing or snowbaording.  This amount compares favorably to calroies burned in other activities such as light swimming and light cycling.

Of course, t’s not certain if the skiing/snowboarding calorie calculation factors in the necessary waiting one has to do in the ski lift lines and climbing on the ski lifts.  Given a crowded day on the slopes, you may only get a few runs in per hour. . .


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