Compression Calf Sleeves Offer Support, Style

From time to time on longer races or training runs, I develop some cramping, soreness and general fatigue in my calf muscles.  While some of these aches are to be expected when you run 15 or more miles, you can still hope to minimize their effects.  Hence, the latest addition to my attire for long runs and races: the compression calf sleeves.

Compression calf sleeves serve several purposes.  Their end goals are to allow you to run longer and recover quicker.  Generally, the compression sleeves support your calf muscles.  They improve blood flow to the muscles, allowing increased oxygen to the lower leg and alleviating lactic acide accumulation.  Compression sleeves  also stabilize and minimize muscle vibration.  Less muscle exhaustion and reduced risk of cramping result.  Even after a run, wearing the sleeves can speed up muscle recovery. They are also quite noticeable, with their sleek and flashy appearance.  Judging by their increased presence at races, compression calf sleeves are swiftly gaining in popularity.  The Salomon Exo IV sleeves I’ve purchased have worked well, and I highly recommend them to long distance runners.


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