Running in Groups: Plenty of Running Club Options

Some folks have no problems motivating themselves to run everyday.  They have the discipline to get up and run by themselves, through hot and cold weather, day in and day out.  For others, it’s a little more difficult, and some additional motivation is needed. 

A good deal of that motivation can come from running in groups.  There’s something to be said about specifically scheduled days and times to run.  You’re more likely to either get up early or perhaps skip a post-work happy hour to run if there’s a group run with others in the same boat.  Group runs also seem to go by a lot easier, so you hardly notice that you’ve just run 5 or 8 miles. 

The Running in Philadelphia site has a terrific spreadsheet of a lot of the scheduled group runs for Philadelphia running clubs.  On at least four days a week, you can run with a scheduled group run.  Some people I know even do two different group runs on some days (like Tuesdays).  The group sizes can vary, from a quaint trio to a sizable five dozen.  There’s usually folks at your running pace (or willing to go at your pace), and you can even challenge yourself to try to keep pace with faster runners.  

On certain days, such as for long runs on Sundays, you’ll need to run by yourself.  For shorter runs, though, you have a lot of group running opportunities.


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