The Most Important Advice for Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer WeekIn the years of doing Philly Beer Week, the week (plus) long celebration of America’s Best Beer-Drinking City, I’ve learned one important lesson in how to make it through: pace yourself.  With over 1,000 events in ten days, you can’t possibly hit up everything.  In fact, you won’t even be able to make it to many of the events that sound appealing because they either conflict with each other or you need to rest or stay sober one or two nights.  Instead, the best practice is to make it to a maximum of perhaps one event a night (ok, maybe two, if you do the other one during the day).  Go through the list, pick and choose some favorites and enjoy those without feeling bad about missing others.

The second most important advice: find events for brewers you don’t experience often or for specialty beers.  There are so many great regional brewers, and most have special events throughout the week.  Likewise, there are many brewers from other parts of the country who produce beers we don’t typically get here in town.  Take advantage of their presence.

Philly Beer Week has become the largest beer festival, in terms of events, in the country devoted to craft beer.  Let’s all enjoy.


Saint Benjamin Meets Funding Goal

It wasn’t easy, and it took an extension of time along with some additional promotional rewards, but Saint Benjamin Brewing reached and surpassed its Lucky Ant fundraising campaign.  Brewer Tim Patton extended the fundraising period to May 8 and also offered up open bar tickets to the grand opening party for the brewery when it opens this fall.  With the goal of $20,000, Saint Benjamin raised $21,275 (if it did not meet the goal, everyone would have gotten their money back with no promotional rewards), which will allow it to restore the exterior of the historic building and facade.  More importantly, it will allow Saint Benjamin to move  closer to finally opening and serve the many folks who have supported the brewery and are eager to collect on their promotional rewards.

The Challenges of Opening Up a New Brewery in Philadelphia

The future home of Saint Benjamin BrewingThere are over 2,400 breweries operating in the U.S.  That number will be even higher by the end of the year, as the number of small and independent brewers increases.  Enthusiasm for good craft beer is still growing, with craft beers now accounting for 10 percent of sales of all beers.

So you brew beer at home and now you want to join these ranks and open up your own brewery in Philadelphia?  Piece of cake, right?  Not quite.

Fishtown resident Tim Patton is starting his own nanobrewery called Saint Benjamin Brewing Company.  Though the brewery was incorporated back in 2010, Tim still is in the process of taking all the necessary steps before he can open up later this year.  The long “delay” is all thanks to state and city requirements and restrictions.  Given all the barriers, it’s not surprising few small breweries have opened up within city limits.

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