Broad Street Blues: Pros and Cons of New Lottery Procedure for BSR

As many in the Philadelphia running commuBroad Street Runnity know, entrance into this year’s Broad Street Run will be a bit different than prior years.  Instead of a free-for-all, first-come, first-serve for most entrants, registration for this year’s run is primarily based on a lottery.  Starting on Monday, February 4, there’s a twelve day period to register, but it does not matter whether you register on the first or last day (though the organizers are recommending that people register alphabetically). 

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Why GPS Watches Always Measure Race Distances Longer

In this past year I’ve had a Garmin GPS watch, I’ve run about a dozen races while wearing it.  In every race, without fail, it’s always the same: the end distance on the watch is always longer than the race distance.  The Broad Street Run 10 Miler may end up as 10.12 miles, and a marathon may show up as 26.44 miles.  The additional one or two tenths of a mile may not seem like much, but they matter when you’re trying for a particular time goal or if you’re saving your energy for what you believe is the final distance only to find out that the race is not over.  And, of course, the GPS watch never measures the distance as less than the race distance.

Is it the watch, the course or something else?  After being stumped, it turns out that the answer is it’s the way the course is measured combined with slightly less than completely efficient running.

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Running in Groups: Plenty of Running Club Options

Some folks have no problems motivating themselves to run everyday.  They have the discipline to get up and run by themselves, through hot and cold weather, day in and day out.  For others, it’s a little more difficult, and some additional motivation is needed. 

A good deal of that motivation can come from running in groups.  There’s something to be said about specifically scheduled days and times to run.  You’re more likely to either get up early or perhaps skip a post-work happy hour to run if there’s a group run with others in the same boat.  Group runs also seem to go by a lot easier, so you hardly notice that you’ve just run 5 or 8 miles. 

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