Craft Beer Store Sticks Out in South Philly

South Philadelphia has certain areas – such as Newbold and the Passyunk Avenue neighborhood that have gotten with the times in terms of modern establishments (think the likes of South Philadelphia Tap Room, Brew, Cantina Los Caballitos, Green Aisle Grocery, etc.).  The vast majority of it, however, still clings to the older establishments and is reluctant to change.

So it was rather surprising that while driving down South Columbus Boulevard past Washington, I passed by an establishment named Beer Heaven, The Craft Beer Store.  Shocked, more than anything else, I had to stop on by.

Apparently, the store, which is in the same strip mall shopping center as Pep Boys and the costume store, has been open for about six months.  It’s relatively small but features some pretty heavy hitters in the craft beer world in its two rows of refrigerators and other shelves among.  There’s Alesmith Speedway Stout, which is not readily available in the city.  Two months ago, it had the famed Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  Other good selections abound among its 850 plus beers.

Pricing is relatively fair for the quality of beer you’re buying  (right in line with the pricing at Brew and Food and Friends).  Plus, it’s open on Sundays, which is a big bonus.  So, the next time you decide you really need to get to the costume superstore, make sure to drop on by to pick up some good beer as well.