Why the Roast Pork Sandwich From John’s Roast Pork Is City’s Best

On the occasions I have to drive somewhere in the local surrounding area for work, I try, if possible, to hit up lunch places that I’ve been meaning to try.  One place, though, that I make as repeat visits as I can is John’s Roast Pork in South Philly.

If it’s possible to be both well-renowned and yet relatively unknown, John’s falls into this category.  Considering the place has been serving up terrific food for over eighty years, it may be surprising that it’s stayed under the radar.  Only in the past year have shows on Travel Channel and Food Network featured pieces on John’s.  The main reason, of course, that John’s Roast Pork has received less notice, both nationally and regionally, is accessibility.  It’s located on Snyder Avenue near Columbus Boulevard (right by Lowe’s, IKEA and other stores) and is only open on weekdays from breakfast to mid-afternoon.  You can’t swing by there after work to get dinner or at any time on weekends.  There’s no near notable tourist destinations for increased foot traffic, and it’s not in any residential neighborhood.  And despite receiving increasing accolades for its sandwiches, John’s Roast Pork has no immediate plans to expand its hours from its initial roots of catering to shipyard and area workers.

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