Getting Started in Home Brewing in Philly

Brewing your own beer is not as daunting as one may think.  Sure, there may be confusion and frustration during the initial steps as well as some impatience during waiting periods.  Still, when you are fortunate enough to make a good batch of beer, the end result, as well as the whole process to get there, can be quite rewarding.

The first step, of course, is to obtain the right equipment and basic ingredients for brewing.  Fortunately, Philadelphia has a couple of great spots specialing in home brewing: Home Sweet Homebrew in Center City and Barry’s Homebrew Outlet in Olde Kensington.  Home Sweet Homebrew’s owner, George Hummel, is extremely helpful in ensuring you purchase the right equipment, suggesting ingredients based on your personal taste preferences.  There are beginner’s beer kits, which contain all the ingredients you need for a set recipe, or you can buy individual ingredients for your own personalized mix.

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