Philadelphia Runs for Boston

City HallThe bombings at the Boston Marathon may have disrupted one race and caused the loss of life and hundreds of injuries in just one city, but in reality, it affected the rest of the country.  Fellow runners, in particular, have felt a kinship to the marathoners because they know about the hard work and dedication it takes to train for races as well as the importance of support from our friends and relatives who watch our races.  And what better way for fellow runners across the nation to show solidarity and pay  tribute to those in Boston than taking part in a group run.

Thanks to the coordination of Ryan Callahan of Philadelphia Runner, one of the city’s premier running stores, Philly had a citywide group run in support of Boston.  We were far from the only city to take part, as many cities showed their support, but our participation was pretty impressive.  What started during Tuesday afternoon planning as just a small scale gathering of three or four running groups eventually grew to thirty running  clubs, stores and organizations taking part.  Groups were to run from specific meet-up spots to City Hall before running to Independence Mall.  South Philadelphia’s meet up spot had 75-80 runners alone, and City Hall’s courtyard hosted a gathering of about 3,000 runners.

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