Cooper’s Wine Bar: Reason to Visit Manayunk for Good Pizza

In 2010,, in conjunction with, published an article detailing its Top 10 list of pizza restaurants in the country.  As with all Top 10 lists, and particularly, with pizza lists, this one was subjective, though certain consensus favorites were present.  There’s Great Lake from Chicago (probably the best pizza I’ve ever had), Pizzeria Bianco from Phoenix and Serious Pie in Seattle.  Then, there was Cooper’s Wine Bar in Manayunk.  Considering I’ve never heard anyone else ever mention it in the discussion of great pizza in Philadelphia, let alone the country, I was intrigued.

Cooper’s is the less formal, more casual, no reservation wine bar portion of Jake’s, one of the more upscale restaurants on Main Street Manayunk.  The two establishements share the same kitchen, so you can actually order off the same menu.  So, you can choose to make your reservation and eat in a more refined setting at Jake’s or you can go at the spur of the moment and try waiting for a table or bar space at Cooper’s.  Either way, you’ve got access to a good menu.

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Tacconelli’s Pizzeria: As Good as It Gets

For the first food post here on this blog, there’s no better way to start than one of my favorite foods: pizza.

Let me tell you about Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Port Richmond, Philadelphia.  It’s a local neighborhood place, it’s quaint and it’s so damn good.  In operation and breaking bread since about 1920, it’s been churning out extraordinary pizza since 1946.

The first thing you have to know is that you have to call ahead and reserve your “dough.”  Tacconelli’s only prepares enough pies for each night.  Then, on the menu, you have your choice of tomato pie, regular pie, white pie and “margerita” (the way they spell it) pie along with toppings.  Because of the varieties Tacconelli’s has, it is essential to come here with a big group and order as many varieties as possible.  Either that or order extra pies to take home.

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