Best Burger in Philly: Choosing From Many Excellent Selections

On its online site, Philadelphia Magazine is currently hosting a bracket for people to vote on the Best of Philly Burger.  In addition to helping decide the award-winning burger for the magazine’s annual Best of Philly issue, voters also have an opportunity to receive an invite to the exclusive Best of Philly party.

Just as it is with the NCAA Basketball tournament, any time you have a limited number of spaces in the bracket, you’ll always have potential competitors feeling left out and others feeling slighted by “seedings.”  For this bracket, with only eight contenders, there’s definitely some “controversy” (as much controversy as there could be for a made-up competition) regarding who’s in it and who’s matched up together.  There’s presumptive top seed Village Whiskey going up against the Piazza at Schmidts’ PYT.  Nationally-acclaimed Rouge faces off against local favorite Royal Tavern.  Stephen Starr’s Butcher & Singer matches up with neighborhood tavern Standard Tap.  Finally, gastropub Pub & Kitchen meets up with “dive barGood Dog.

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